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Contract Assembly Services by BMI

Contract Assembly has been the cornerstone of our business since 1988. Delivering over 50,000 assembled components per week, we engineer and manage total and sub-assemblies from Prototype, Short Run, to High Volume Production.

Our engineering group will review your assembly requirements and design simple ergonomic assembly aids to automated dedicated work cells, BMI’s expertise in the following areas insures that the assembly activity will include processes required to achieve a cost effective total assembly solution.

  • Sourcing and managing the manufacture of components to our network of approved suppliers
  • Component quality control
  • Rigorous in process Quality Control
  • Inventory system control of all components
  • Engineering driven assembly Gage and Fixture design
  • Plastic Joining Technologies, Sonic Welding, Spin Welding, Vibration Welding, and Adhesive Bonding
  • Finished assembly testing
  • Finished assembly packaging solutions to meet any end use application
  • JIT finished assembly delivery

Utilizing our competitive Contract Assembly statement for your Automotive, Medical, Industrial, or Consumer Goods project, coupled with our many value added and managed services will help your company realize

  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility to meet changing customer requirements
  • Reduce capital investment spend

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