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Automotive Plastic Injection Molded Components

Plastics are an ideal material for automotive parts and components. BMI can satisfy your need for lightweight parts solutions. Metal to plastic conversion is a priority for OEMs as they search for alternative solutions.

BMI is a pioneer in plastic injection molding for the automotive industry. Our engineers have the material knowledge, the engineering skills, and the staff to handle any automobile part project.

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Why Plastics for Automotive Parts?

Highly Engineered Resins – New materials technology is constantly evolving, and BMI is at the forefront of this evolution.  Plastics offer:

  • Aid in heat insulation 
  • Antibacterial and odor-control additives
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Renewable and recycled material that is in demand

Weight Reduction – Weight reduction one of the reasons OEMs choose plastic over metal.

  • Plastic components decreases overall vehicle weight to overcome the battery and motor weight
  • Reduced weight results in less power usage

Cost Reduction – Injection molded plastic components are less expensive to produce.

  • Plastic weighs substantially less than metal
  • Product life span is longer than many metals
  • Can be produced in color, eliminating secondary operations such as painting
  • Reduced shipping cost

Noise Reduction – OEMs are challenged to reduce noise at the component and interior levels throughout the vehicle.

  • Plastic can dampen noise/change frequency where contact of other components is present.
  • Soft touch over-mold applications can be utilized
  • There are molded noise shield/diverter options

Strength and Safety – Technological evolutions have improved the tensile strength in plastics as compared to metals, such as aluminum and steel.

  • Some plastics can be engineered to offer some of the protective qualities of metals
  • Some plastics absorb rather than transfer the impact to humans during a collision
  • Plastics in seatbelts, crumple zones, windows & mirrors, and fillers can make modern vehicles safer


Plastics can provide versatility in engineering and design. Automotive OEMs are finding new ways to incorporate injection molded parts into vehicles, ranging from internal components to exterior panels, seat structures, and battery housings.

Automotive OEMs have an increased need to convert metal parts to plastic and use more injection molded plastic parts and components. The success of your project and parts are achieved by partnering with an experienced custom injection molding partner like BMI. We have a deep knowledge of automotive product design, production, and assembly, along with IATF 16949 certification.