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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

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Prototype, Short Run, or Volume Production, our 100 to 600 ton Plastic Injection Molding capability provided by state of the art Molding machines and process controls will meet your project requirements.

Serving the Automotive, Medical, Industrial, and Consumer markets, our high quality Plastic Injection Molded products consistently exceed customer expectations.

BMI Injection Molding & Assembly is available to review your Injection Molded product application and recommend:

  • Thermoplastic Resin recommendations utilizing our network of resin professionals
  • Design recommendations to insure product performance that exceeds requirements
  • Product design review to insure maximum manufacturability for Plastic Injection Molding, and Assembly Processes

High Tolerance prototype to production Injection Mold builds performed by BMI's approved domestic tool facilities allow us to provide you with a total Injection Molded component solution, from product design assistance to finished production Injection Molded components and assemblies.

BMI’s engineering based competitive business statement, along with our comprehensive tooling and secondary operation services insures your Injection Molded project will be delivered on time, every time.

We specialize in Value Added Plastic Injection Molding that yields an assembled component by including the Injection Molding process within the product assembly work cell.

Our capacity molding statement allows our customers to recover valuable Injection Molding utilization by taking advantage of our competitive outsource rate for over capacity projects.

BMI can produce custom parts to your exact specifications. We help you through every phase of the process from idea to a finished part.

BMI Can Transform Ideas Into New Plastic Products

  • Part or product creation through launch
  • Product concept rendering
  • Industrial product design / 3D data
  • Intellectual property / patent search
  • Rapid/functional plastic prototypes
  • New product business analysis / product pricing
  • Product technical implementation
  • Product commercialization / launch
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At BMI Injection Molding & Assembly, we know all of the questions to be asked. With that information, we have the cost-effective solutions to create the custom product that you have envisioned - turnkey.

  • IATF 16949:2016 certified
  • Excellent Part Per Million Rating (PPM)
  • Specialized Secondary Operation Processes to Meet Customer Needs
  • Experienced Engineering Based Process Implementation
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Submission Management Services

Phase 1

Product concept rendering
Industrial Design/3D data
Intellectual property

Phase 2

Rapid/Functional prototype
Business Analysis/Pricing

Phase 3

Technical implementation

Serving the Automotive, Medical, Industrial, and Consumer markets, our high quality custom Plastic Injection Molded and custom 3D printed products. Consistently exceeding customer expectations for custom produced plastic parts and components.

Some of the turnkey services in this area provided by BMI, Chesterfield, MI near Detroit, MI:
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