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Marine/RV Plastic Parts

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BMI makes plastic parts for recreational vehicles. We offer a wide variety of durable, high-quality plastics to create your part, including ABS, polyethylene, acrylic styrene, and other plastic materials. BMI will customize the part to your exact specifications. From painting and silk-screening to adding special coatings or textures, we will work with you to create precisely what you need. Our plastics are highly resistant to the moisture that marine products are constantly exposed to, and they can withstand the beating an RV can take from long hours on the road.

Commonly manufactured ATV and UTV accessories and components include:

  • Snowplow attachments
  • RV trim molding
  • Storage boxes
  • Seats and seat backs
  • Roofs
  • Gun boots

BMI can save you time and cost.

  • Time: We design and develop an aluminum 3D mold at the same time we are creating the plastic sheets to be formed. Once everything is ready, we can begin the tooling process which includes molding and forming the components, followed by trimming, applying paint or silk-screening, or coating them as necessary.
  • Cost: Plastic injection molding and 3D printing are economical methods for producing plastic parts, due to eliminating the need for tooling.